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I'm getting DC4 message.Updated 2 years ago

This is caused by too much friction from the running belt, usually due to not enough silicone lubrication between the belt and the deck. 

1) Lubricate the running belt with one ounce of 100% silicone lubrication. (See the “Lubricating Your Treadmill Running Belt” section.)  Learn how to lubricate your treadmill here:
2) If that doesn’t help, the next thing to try is replacing the running belt itself. 

Even if a treadmill is only 2 to 6 months old, sometimes the silicone can evaporate and dry the running belt, which could cause it to lose its ability to absorb silicone correctly. Replacing the belt fixes this. (Remember to use two ounces of silicone on the underside of the belt while installing, since it’s so much easier to apply silicone at this time.)

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