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What is the difference between the Omni-Hub and the Retro console?Updated a year ago

The Omni-Hub is a new versatile, smart console. This console has a nice sleek modern design with a smaller blueprint than the retro console. The Omni-Hub functionality is more user friendly and you can easily go in and change your settings. You will also have 3 preset speeds that are: P1=0.4 mph, P2=1.2 mph, and P3=2.0 mph. 

The Retro console is about the length of a ruler and does not have a screen that displays all the data at once. It will cycle through step count, distance walked, and calories burned where the Omni-Hub shows this all on the screen. The functionality on the Retro console is not too complicated but not as simple as the Omni-Hub when changing the settings. Both consoles will have bluetooth as well. 

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